NJ TA Bridge 016A 028A  141-0907 Inspecting bearing rotation measurement.

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To illustrate a few of the projects on which our engineers have brought their contribution we cite:
Design of a steel structure for a highrise complex building in Bucharest, Romania, under the general coordination of West Fourth Architecture NYC.
Design and Construction Inspection of facade restauration for Bronx High School and roof gables mounting.
Design of the Lemoine Avenue Bridge deck replacement in Fort Lee, NJ, a project over 1 mil. dollars, including partial replacement of the superstructure over three spans.

BRPR and Preliminary Design of Macomb's Dam Bridge over Harlem River (NYC) East & West Approaches and East Aproache descending to the Old Market.
Preliminary design for rehabilitation of two Movable Bridges(swing & bascule) in Connecticut.
Ricker Island Bridge - New York- pile system rehabilitation, project verification.
Newark Airport - Technical and Economical Efficiency Study for vehicular access
Pile foundation for public building in New Jersey supporting a 3-story of cult building of 4,200 sq. ft. footprint.
Highway and roadway structures design in New Jersey and New York upstate and assistance given for construction. 
Bridge Inspection of railroad and vehicular traffic for NJ Transit Corporation, NJDOT, NYSDOT-Reg.10 &11 and LongIsland Rail Road (LIRR).

Building Inspection in Yonkers and Bronx NY, facade inspection in Manhattan rise-building including lifting system for
close hands-on

Williamsburg Bridge-Inspection of overhead  sign along eastbound roadway. 

I-80 WB over NJ Rt.15 Inspecting superstruture.

Williamsburg bridge. Hands-on inspection of west approach superstructure with boomlift. 

High School in Bronx - Terra Cotta Facade re- placement -  2009.

NJ Turnpike bridge-inspection of superstructure bearings.

High School in Bronx - Terra Cotta roof gables replacement.

NJ Transit Main Line MP 2.67 Inspection of tracks.

NJ Transit Main Line MP 2.19 over Conrail Ispection of crash wall and superstructure. 

NJDOT Bridge on Garden State PKWY over waterflow. Rod measurement of bedrock depth.

NJDOT Bridge 1507151 157-1025. Ispection of upstream banks using rowboat.

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